Do you want to become a java programer?
We will help


Courses for anyone.


For beginners

We will discuss about Java, Java syntax, classes, generics, OOP, lambdas, etc.


For experienced

Design patterns using in java, JVM, best practices, VCS tools, build tools.


For advanced

Performance, concurrency, latency.


For any level

Individual courses, answer for your question, explanations.


Pay 50% before and rest at the middle of the course.

Course Price Description Total hours Buy
Starter 400$ 8 weeks, twice per week (Sat, Sun), duration - 3hours 48
Middle 450$ 8 weeks, twice per week (Sat, Sun), duration - 3hours 48
Professional 480$ 8 weeks, twice per week (Sat, Sun), duration - 3hours 48
Fast start (Starter + Middle) 800$ 16 weeks, twice per week (Sat, Sun), duration - 3hours 96
Experienced (Middle + Professional) 950$ 16 weeks, twice per week (Sat, Sun), duration - 3hours 96
Full (Starter + Middle + Professional) 1200$ 24 weeks, twice per week (Sat, Sun), duration - 3hours 144
Individual 60$/h Minimum 2 hours N/A

All courses are available in English, Russian.

Real life courses are available only in Latvia (Riga). Send request for real life courses.

Why we?


  • Practicing teacher

    I'm experienced teacher and practicing programmer with experience in professional development with more then 8 years experience.

  • Clear result

    At the ending you will be ready for the real work. In the process of learning in each course you will have written your own applications.

  • Personal approach

    The learning process is accompanied by a differentiable homework (depending on your personal level - determined on first lessons).

    Is it good that every task a different level? Someone will get easy tasks, and someone will be challenging?

    Yes, it is true. And it is very useful for you. The instructor will show you weaknesses and help to improve it. Your progress will be evaluated on your personal scale, it will help you to progress as quickly as possible and help to learn the subject better.

  • Resources and other

    During the training you will be able to clarify ambiguities with the teacher. If you have difficulty with learning of topics you can always order individual lessons (for course participants there is no restrictions, you can order one hour if you think if it will be enough).

    Also you will be available to download presentations of lectures.

    At the middle of the course if you have decide do not continue, you can finish it. In this case, the payment for the second half of the course will not be charged.

  • Make own

About me

Sergey Sviridov.

South Ural State University (SUSU)

Work experience:
CTCo - Software Development Lead (2016-currently employed)
Sberbank-Technology - Senior Java Developer (2015-2016)
Smart Communications - Senior Java Developer (2013-2015)
Corporative systems plus - Senior C# Programmer (2013)
Freelance - Senior Developer (Java, C#) (2010-2012)
Private pension fund SSO - Project manager (2008-2010)

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